So what is this page all about?

It is actually our strategy partner area where you come in to continue revising and reinforcing what you have learned from the training before. Note to yourself, the knowledge we have in here is growing time to time and it would not stop!

This is an exclusive portal and ONLY available for our strategy partner. It is not open for public viewing and yes you need a password that will only be given by our support team to access it.


Have you ever attended a training program before? If yes, do you remember 100% on what you’ve gain from the training? The question that we often asked is why didn’t my participants learn that important concept we went over and over and over and over in class?

Base on the research we made, do you know that by just attending any training, after one or two day, the retention of the knowledge that we have learned will only last around 30%?

hermann Ebbinghaus quotes

To support this fact, Ebbinghaus studied the memorisation of nonsense syllables, such as “WID” and “ZOF” by repeatedly testing himself after various time periods and recording the results.

He plotted these results on a graph creating what is now known as the “FORGETTING curve”. A graph that hypothesizes the decline of memory retention in time.

Click the picture to know more about the “FORGETTING curve” & Cone of Learning

Furthermore, people tend to forget, we find it as a challenge that needs to be solved and give a continuous learning support.  Don’t believe in me? Let me show you. This is a cone of learning by Edgar Dale, Educator

How can ASL FOR MEMBERS help you?

So how we going to face this challenge and solve it? We came up with an idea whereby we create and develop a private e-learning portal serve as an EXCLUSIVE ARCHIVE to store all of the valuable knowledge that came from the training session. We call it, ASL FOR MEMBERS.

This way, you can come in to continue revising and reinforcing what you have learned from the training before and preserve the level of retention supported by all the value added that ASL FOR MEMBER have for you.

What we have to say

We actually put a lot of effort into making this thing happen. Our mission is only 1 thing, which is to help you growing and focus on lifelong learning!

So why you should WASTE your investment on attending the same training over and over again just to capture the same thing, while we can give you the knowledge you need by JUST A CLICK AWAY!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Be among of the many people who had walked the same journey we do, a journey to success and see how your way of learning and team development CHANGE FOREVER!

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